Is Filtered Drinking Water Better And Safer?

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The question of whether filtered drinking water is safer than purified water has been discussed in many quorums. This is still a complex query for most of the people. Similarly, there have been many doubts on Where to Buy Turapur Water Pitcher, Is Turapur water pitcher beneficial, etc. Most of these discussions can be found in sites relating to health and fitness. will have some interesting topics that fitness lovers will enjoy.

Right now let’s have a look at some basic information that you need to know about water filtration. The first thing is that water filtration is not the same as water purification. The two are entirely different and have their advantages as well as disadvantages.
The difference between water filtration and water purification
Water filtration includes filtration methods that filter away impurities from the water. There are various methods used for obtaining pure water.

During purification, demineralization takes place. This causes a loss of minerals in your drinking water which is not so good for health. Moreover, many synthetic chemicals found in the tap water are not removed via water purification.

Benefits of using filtered drinking water

Mineral enriched drinking water
The human body needs a minimum required amount of minerals to maintain good health. An efficient water filter will help to remove unwanted contaminants while retaining the healthy minerals present. These minerals are a must for the normal functioning of your body. Purified water undergoes many processes that cause loss of minerals. So considering this fact, it is clear that filtered water is much healthier than purified water.

Water filters are easy to install and do not require any extra installation charges. You can easily set it up wherever you want and start using it. There is no hassle of filling, buying or recycling the large plastic containers used.

You can never be sure if you are getting safe, purified water or if the water is being reprocessed and filled in the bottles. With a home filter, it is guaranteed that the water passes through the different stages of filtration and you get clean water. You can also check the quality of the water from time to time in the local laboratories. With proper maintenance of the water filter, it is easy to avail excellent quality drinking water at home itself. With a home filter you can be rest assured that you and your family are drinking the safest and cleanest water.

Getting a water filter is much cheaper than having to buy purified water daily. Install a filter, and then you can use the water daily. The only costs that are involved are the installation costs and maintenance (as and when it is necessary).

Water filtration gives you the assurance of healthy drinking water, right at your home. You know exactly what you are getting to drink when you use a home filter. There is no case of risk involved here. Experience the joy of drinking perfectly healthy water from the comfort of your home itself.

Many diseases spread through water, so filtered water is the best option for a hale and healthy life.