Lost Your Phone? Don’t Lose Your Sanity Too – Read More For Tips


Have you ever gone through that debilitating experience of losing your mobile phone? Anyone who has, would vouch for the fact that nothing can feel more crippling. It is not just about losing the money you spent on the phone. It is also about losing your lifelines and clogging the artery system of all your activities. It could contain important details like your esa employment contact number apart from your photos, music and what not. But wait, don’t press the panic button just yet!

The communication experts at phone.fin.cz/ have outlined some guidelines that you can use if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation. Apart from filing a police report, these other measures can ensure that all is not lost. Let’s have a look at some of the important ones they have come up with.

Retrieve your contacts
Nothing can be more relieving than getting back your contacts if you have just lost your phone.
If you hadn’t created a backup of your contacts to the Google drive before you lost your phone, then reverse phone search service can come to your aid. This is a search engine that retrieves the information by entering either the name or number. This online directory has a large database of phone numbers and details which will help you to recreate your contact list.

Lock your phone down remotely
Your phone may contain information that are important and sensitive in nature-work related as well as personal. You won’t want some rogue getting access to all that. You can lock your phone down remotely by logging into Android Device Manager.

Keep your accounts safe
Even though your phone is now locked, it would still be a great idea to keep all your accounts safe. Logging out of your social media as well as email accounts would be a prudent measure to take till you are sure that the situation is under control.

Make sure your service is suspended
There are chances that your phone-if it was stolen- would be used for suspicious activities by the person who took it. It is always better to suspend the service than to take chances. The last thing you want at this trying time is more stress borne out of wrongful charges and a hefty phone bill.

Clear all data from your phone
Finally, if all your attempts to get your phone back fails, it is better to wipe the phone clean of all data. Android Device Manager can come to your rescue here too, provided you are logged into your device using your Google account. But the ‘remote lock and erase’ feature in your phone should be enabled.

It is always a stressful situation when you have lost your phone and all the valuable information that was stored in it. We understand that you may be having your bank details, personal photos- all stored in this little device. If you ever find yourself unable to locate your lost phone, try these steps to save your personal data from getting into the hands of unscrupulous people.